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Entertainment on Another Level

Filed under : Webcams

I realise that it’s not exactly the desires or sought after reaction by the site and its hosts but I just had a few minutes of epic laughter that made me feel a whole lot better.

I ended up choosing this picture that I can only describe as the cookie monster that stayed in the oven a little too long. I have to admit that by the time I saw this thing my sides were already splitting by the hilarious looks of a dozen shemales before and i was probably now just going to laugh at anything.

I think what’s ultimately causing the laughter to be triggered is how each of them are posing like they’re the shit, hotter than a Playboy centrefold but the one is actually more creepy looking than the other. Even if they were fully clothed the only chance they’d have at fooling anyone is if that person was blind.

They’re bragging about an exclusive discount to Shemale Club and while I won’t be wasting any money on this freak show you might be into it. Who am I to judge your taste.

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